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   Tim Miler started out on the New Orleans Punk/New Wave Scene in 1980 in
  the Phase, with ‘Rockin’ Rick Connick (Harry’s Cousin), Patrick (Packy) Viguerie   and Hal Redmond. They Were contemporaries of the Cold, The Rafferteys,  
  RZA, Wayward Youth, Men in Black and the many bands that once populated  
  this lively scene. Says Tim, ‘The whole scene started because of what was
  happening in New York and London – when I first saw The Normals (A great
  New Orleans Punk New Wave Band) at the Arts Center. I was so naive, that I
  thought that they were English! I really liked the Sex Pistols, along with the
  Damned. These bands were very liberating for a budding guitarist because
  the music was 3 or 4 different chords without the pretension of set musical
  form – it was new and very exciting.

   Reggae music also played a part of this. Sheppard Sammuels played some of
  The Phase on his long running Monday show on New Orleans’ WTUL Radio
  and told me ‘Jah People’ (one of my songs with The Phase) was the first
  Reggae song he had played that was recorded by a New Orleans band – that
  was back in 1980! ‘Miler is enthused when talking about the spirit of those  
  times. Playing at Jed’s and Jimmy’s and a few other places was always fun
  and always crowded.’

   Miler moved to Shreveport, LA in the late 1980’swhere he formed with Sam
  Morgan – The Swiss Navy. They opened many times for Kevin Russell’s (of the
  Gourds) band, The Picket Line Coyotes. The Swiss Navy was all original with a
  disdain for covers. ‘It was my most alternative group that went through ten  
  drummers. The Swiss Navy moved to Austin, Texas in 1991. On his first day in
  Austin, Tim met Perry Wing and they played some songs together. The Swiss   Navy played at Emos, The Electric Lounge, The Hole in the Wall, The Austin  
  Outhouse and more before losing its way. Hangnails was next and featured
  The Gourds’ own Jimmy Smith on drums for one performance when our
  drummer was ill. All during this time in Austin, Miler & Wing played acoustic
  guitar together and wrote a few songs together.

   Perry Wing had moved to Austin in 1985 from Kansas City and formed the
  Perry Wing Band, which went on a tour of Canada in 1987. Says Wing, ‘If I
  didn’t have a Texaco card, we would have starved and never made it back to
  Texas’. Wing adds ‘Miler cracks up at our old PR shot from the 80’s because of
  our Mullets!!’ Wing worked hard on his CD ‘Walkin’ on Backstreets’ and it paid
  off by attracting enough attention to book a tour in the Netherlands. Wing
  planned a tour in 2001, and Miler played lead with Steve Lee on bass. The
  Perry Wing Band went again to Europe in 2002, but this time it was just Wing
  and Miler as a duo, as an entity to be called ‘Miler and Wing’. They started
  playing at the Whisky Barn regularly in Austin regularly and appeared twice
  on a morning TV show as well as touring Europe in 2004. Perry Wing still
  maintains his band, The Perry Wing Band, as well as Miler and Wing and sees
  both as avenues to express his musical styles.

  Austin, Texas 2007

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